Ghost stories, cages and love

Yuppy! Finally I am posting the updates from the last workshop. Such  great times! I love to meet people and to create a special connection trough this easy art therapy project. I am thinking to do it more often at Kuturlabor e. V , because the atmosphere there is so much positive and everyone is so collaborative. Furthermore they support 100 percent DO IT YOURSELF philosophy, which is behind the project “I can grow wings”.

We wants to bring up the possibility to create a safe space for people that are in need to confront themselves gently with everyday pain, personal struggles in order to get emphaty and to share  it, using non verbal language as first help resource.

Creativity must to be shared. Confronting oneself with others brings strenght and empowerment!

STAY TUNES, because you gonna get a lot more from it !! AHAHAH!

Our first german workshop!!


Dear All,

on the 26th of May we will lead at Kulturlabor e.V the art theraphy workshop “I can grow wings”.

We want to lead you in a realm of fantasy where you will feel free to describe your emotional wounds through the symbolic language of fairytales.

I am Silvia Camagni, artist and childeducator, who started in the 2016 together with my good friend Giulia Bonora the art project “I can grow wings” to support abuse survivors.

Abuses are part of our everyday lives  but sometimes is not possible to express easily how we fee about these.

We believe that one step to overcome unconfortable situations can be done using a symbolic language such the one from fairytales .

Through this workshop tough you can confront yourself with other stories , transforming them in illustrated fairytales. The aims of this workshop are to develop emapathy between partecipants in order to overcome isolation, come up with an illustrated fairytale and to create  a fantastic fanzine with all of your stories.

The workshop is 2 hours long and it costs 15 euros, included all the material as paper, pencils and printer. The number of the partecipants is limited to six.

We are looking forward to see you.

I can grow wings, the workshop

On the 30th of November 2016  Giulia and I  under invitation from the CSA Grotta Rossa in Rimini(Italy)  started the first workshop from the project “I can grow wings”. With our beloved six partecipants (Lucia, Agnese, Simona, Kage, Filippo and Eleonora)we went through the investigation of how symbols combined with fairytales trigger out from the subconscious the disease caused by abuses. Other hand we wanted also to increase the feeling of empathy  in order to learn how to recognize abusive situations between eachothers. In the  end we recollected all the materials (fairytales and drawings) in a DIY fanzine. Below you can find some pictures that are describing the process throughout. We are aimed to realize this workshop everywhere.

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30th November : Check out below how happy we are to organize our first workshop. Another success, a lot of joy thanks to all our doners. We will be at CSA Grotta Rossa in Rimini. We will keep you updated.

Thank you Grotta Rossa to invite us

Little inspirations for our workshop. Any suggestions?