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             Silvia & Giulia     Elisa & Alessia

This is how it works! It is always about healthy relationships and shiny love. Everyday is a matter of understandment, let different sights go in the same direction either for a while or just for an entire lifetime. At last you realized how much it worthed.

Thank you everyone to let this project grown. Thanks Giulia, Thanks Alessia & Elisa for the graphics.


We will present the book first half of July in Italy, hopefully and here it is the animation created by Silvia Camagni with the mixed track from Ågren “It felt like a kiss”. These are crazy days, but I am trying to keep the blog updated. More infos soon my beloved.


Hi beautiful souls out there. Although hidden and without making glamourous clashes of how hard we are working in order to publish the paper version from the book, today I have decided to spend few words to list all the achievements we carried on after won the crowd funding.

  • Fashion, fonts and book’s outlook  realized due the amazing graphic work of Alessia Nanni and Elisa Raffi.
  • First 15 copies in italian sold
  • First workshop realized at Grotta Rossa CSA in Rimini, thanks to Simona Dall’Aquila
  • Translations in English and German by Johanna Thompson and Belinda Apicella

These achievements mean a lot to us, because we see in each  step forward  we did our commitment transforming into true and solid reality. Now it comes the time to show to the world part from all of this. We must confess that was not easy as we planned  to publish at best the book. Still looking for the best printer and the best paper. But meanwhile we cannot wait any longer and we decided to publish on the 8th of March our first e-Book, in order to share with you our results. Now coming back to see how to print it cause I did not get terms and conditions yet. Talk to you tomorrow. I love you all.




Here there is a short preview!! English and German translations from January. Soon you will know where to find the book!!

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UPDATES!Translations from  ITALIAN TO GERMAN and  ENGLISH, while ALESSIA, our graphic designer, is working on the book’s outlook




                          Illustrations from the tale “Paconia and Rolso”

                          Illustrations from the tale “The Fairest one of all”

                          Illustrations from the tale “The wolf and the girl”


                          Illustrations extracts from the tale “Luigi and the Moth”