“The Heart” a doggerel for heartbroken

On the 8th of March we want to release our first novel as digital preview from our fairytalebook “I can grow wings”. It calls “The Heart” *this pierced wooden heart* and it is about heartbreak and how to laugh about it. The powerful illustration realized by Giulia Bonora are just giving the perfect look to the doggerel.

click here20170303_100948[1] to watch how the STORY  looks like on Google Play, Universal Readers and Kindle.  IT IS JUST DIYSELF BABY!

THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE UNDER DONATION of 0,50 cents (EUR) 0,53 (US dol)0,44(GBP).  

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After your donation just send you a mail (also a blank one) or DM at our INSTAGRAM @valhallaecstaticzineWe will send you with love and devotion your beautiful digital copy from the doggerel