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HIII!! One from the two books that I wanted to share with you might not need to be introduced?!?.. Maybe? Well, it just because we are going to talk about Virginia Woolf, one of the most important modern english writer of our times! Anyway I am linking here some brief infos about her, but what I want to share 2  reasons why I am going totally crazy when I am reading Virginia’s Woolf novels.

  1. synesthesia: ” I hate men who wear crucifixes on the left side of their waistcoats. I hate ceremonies and lamentations and the sad figure of Christ trembling beside another trembling and sad figure. Also the pomp and the indifference and the emphasis, always on the wrong place, of people holding forth under chandeliers in full evening dress, wearing stars and decorations” (excerpt from the novel “The Waves”)

I can literally see the words and I am losing any kind of boundries between what it is real or not.  When I am reading Virginia Woolf , I am ready to drown.

2. critical sense: “What one means by integrity, in the case of the novelist, is the conviction that he gives one that is the truth”. (excerpt from the novel “A room of one’s own)

I am not ready to talk about the historical and social importance that Virginia’s Woolf work had on contmporary feminism, (so to the queer movemeant) yet. I am not good with words, more with a language that is not my native one. But finally who cares?Because what I would like t share with all of you out there is the curiosity to enlarge our horizonts, taking inspirations from different sources. Virginia Woolf is one of those. Just try it, and you will not regreat it. You will discover the vastity of a language, your mind will set up wonderful scenarios,just going through few lines. Believe me!!

The other one is an amazing book in italian (unfortunately not translated in english yet) about the history and the developments of sex work during the centuries. A reasoned and objective narration done by Giulia Selmi,  scholar and reseacher at the University of Trento in Sociology and social research. This little book is published by an alternative italian press house called Bebertedition; it worths to visit their website. I red this book in 3 hours.

I feel as I wrote too much. I hope you enjoy my suggestions. Making reviews is not really my thing!! ahahaha!



21st of July 2017

“No means No” a theatre piece by Madalena, Berlin based feminist collective, was a blast!! My friend Eva just asked me to have  a look on what she is  carrying on with the group  and because I felt the topic really next to what I am trying to reach with my art therapy project  I accepted the invitation. Basically I understood in the begin that was a play about consense, about how Woman’s NO can easily become inaudible, imperceptible or even unacceptable.

Once I got there, my attention was immediatly captured from the outrightness of the scenario, the costumes, the soundtrack and most important from the language. Everything’s important was underlined by a language made out from key words, important gestures, tones, rhythm and body laguage.

Lastly , the audiance was asked to play as well and in that moment I realized how important is to keep the attention on art as social media, within our communities to share important contents. Probably everyone of you knows already about this, but it is important to remind this important concept about how art can create awerness and free people from their own stereotypes.

Here some pictures and a link to a short video extract. I hope you will enjoy as much as I did!

P.S= I took the pictures really quickly because I did not want to be invasive. So the quality is kind of low. I apologize in advance!!



28th of Februar 2017

What can you do with an embroidery?

It looks like our donours just appreciated a lot their rewards. From one side someone made out a beautiful pillow and from the other  the embroidery on dishcloth( both are from the artist Silvia Camagni) looks great framed. We are so much happy and grateful about it.



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28th of December 2016

” WE WON’T FORGET OUR SURVIVORS”( article in Italian and English)

This interesting article is telling about the sad story of Franca Viola, raped by Filippo Melodia.

Back on that times every victim of rape “was allowed” to fix the lost of her “honour” (virginty) according to the official law, marring her rapist. Franca Viola refused to marry Filippo Melodia and so was accused of complicity with him, although she was raped and kidnapped for eight days(basically they assumed that Franca wanted that so badly).

The shot gun wedding law was cancelled only in 1981.

“A change is gonna come” sang Sam Cook coming back in the days, hopefully in Italy too, thanks to all the activist and to the new generations of artists who are working to bring up to the surface all the lacks within our system and whome are fighting for the ones without a voice.
Patriarchy is hard to die
( I thougt I would never said this word(world) never again)

This is dedicated to all the fighters that I know who are working hard with their work to make this changes become true. They are a lot and I love them all very very much.

Thank you Federica de Ruvo to spot on this article

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Focus Storia with Vittorio Arfinengo.Like as Your Page

#Accaddeoggi. Il 26 dicembre 1965, all’età di 17 anni, Franca Viola viene rapita da Filippo Melodia, che la violenta e la tiene segregata per 8 giorni in un cas

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La violenza sulle donne NON è normale. Video




Rewards in Ferrara!

There is a present for you!

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Finally we could send all the rewards. Thanks to Silvia PostWoman!



#RESPECT /18-09-2016

a walk against women violence in Ferrara by YUJO.







Falling in love of a wrong person.

Why people fall in love of wrong person? Watch the video to discover the answer.

Perchè le persone si innamorano della persona sbagliata? Tutto è molto chiaro nel video pubblicato su Internazionale.



Stay sex positive.

How beautiful starting the day with my cup of tea while taking look on this article that I have found on Facebook. For all of you outside there in need to good vibes. Love.