Berlin you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ‼



Good Morning everyone,  here in Berlin sunshine  hit  the ground, pride weekend just started, everyone looks pretty hot  and  I decided to post a lot of updates concerning the project but also about what I ve found walking by here around the block! Berlin never let me down, I love her!

I got so much inspired in the last month: from one side the girls whom took part  to my workshop gave me so much strenght and will to carry on with the project ” I can grow wings”, from the other hand I ran into an amazing theatre project dedicated from women to women, realized by the feminist collective Madalena about consense.

It calls “No means No” and it is touching every single point concerned the reasons behind the terrible momement in which women are discovering that their “NO” is completly meaningless. Simple, direct and so much powerful, the play took place at  Kuringa in Berlin and this piece is part of a bigger project called “Theatre of the Oppressed” , an aesthetic method committed to the transformation of reality, created by the Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal.  You can find some pictures from the play in the section Diary and also on our Instagram.

Last but not least , you can find there suggestions about books to bring to the lake, to the beach or wherever you feel like to chill in the summertime.

I wish you all to have quality time and great holidays. Love you!! Silvia


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