In this important day I want to remember to myself the strong woman  I am. Today I want to remember to myself also about all the people whom I met in my life and  made not easy to me understand the values and the strenght  hidden behind the word WOMAN.

But today, the 8th of March 2017,  in the International Women Rights Day, is definetly better to share  my today joy with all of them who helped me to become  the “beautiful badass” who is writing this text right now. With 34 years old I am sure like never before who I am and what I want to do in my life. Starting from today to remark the will to develope this project called “I can grow wings” .

Together with my colleague Giulia Bonora, we started to approach radically but in a very peculiar way the tale of abuses and sexual violence. As result we will soon publish a DIY fairytale book.

Me , I am aimed to develope art teraphy workshops to listen and work with abuse survivors,because this is what I love to do. Not much words needed but facts.

I will keep you updated people. Meanwhile we decided to make you a gift.




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