8th of March first fairy tale as E-Book around the world….

We decided last minute, yes! But we are like this:coreaceous. Probably it is within our latin blood. Ihihi! Anyway we decided to publish our first novel(the  doggerel THE HEART) as E- Book on the 8 of March, because after months of hard working, decisions making and yes.. stress .. a lot of stress (ehehe) we decided to show you some of the work will be published on paper. A preview on the 8th of March especially because this year Womens Day will means something huge all over the places. In Italy more then 40 marches in the principal italian cities are foreseen. The clima will be hot. Women want to be really loud at this round. The history repeats itself someone would sang.

We want to underline our presence in this imprtant day. We began and we will realized lot more. Click here to take a look on our ACHIEVEMENTS since August!!

Goodnight beautiful souls. Talk soon!


tavola 1 senza testo originale


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