9th July 2016 the campaing is on-line !


Ehi, finally the campaign is on line! We must confess that was hard to click the enter key because it would be not just bring up the  crowd founding but also fears and doubts, pressure and anxiety! Instead after three intense days we saw so many answers, positive feedbacks which gave us relief to carry on with love on our campaign working hard to succeed.

This is our first crowd founding  and it comes along the desire of being succesful throuhg the achievement of our goals! Even more when the project would like to cover and be developed in different fields combining illustration and fairytales to enfront the silence on abuses using a new language.

As many of you already know, the book is the first brick to build an important social project  supporting  all that subjects that are living in disease -especially those in abusive situations-, using art as language to express it.

The will to create a vast network of people that are sharing their own experience to encrease their own strenght, simply blow away all the fears about starting with the campaing. We are ready to fly togheter building strong wings!







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