About the project

Giulia  Bonora and Silvia Camagni, two young, talented artists, who’ve been best friends forever.

They are based in Italy and Germany respectively.

They both grew-up in the same towns, when experiencing troubled childhoods, in their individual situations.

The one most important way-out from these hard times was their intense correspondence between one another, where they scribbled down their feelings and thoughts eventually to become a narrative that can be shared to the world. Giulia and Silvia have since, illustrated six short stories about powerful heroines who have had to fight with their own enemies, gaining all the times counting on their own strength .

These created characters became positive role models who helped the two young women confront and destroy their own personal demons. Through this process, they got in-touch with other women, listening to personal experiences of violence and abuse. The impact was so strong, that they decided that this book might be published. The goals Giulia and Silvia want to achieve is to create a supportive network of sharing a positive strength, supporting their own self-esteem and of others.

They begun trying to finance themselves, with the process of translators and creating printed samples of the book etcetera, but it has proved really hard to develop the project with their poor financial tools.

Giulia and Silvia want to publish the book to share a positive message about the inner power inside all of us, and most important to support all the women who are in troubled situations and that maybe in this book can find themselves and feel supported.cartolina 1 il cuore di legno trafitto


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