Berlin you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ‼



Good Morning everyone,  here in Berlin sunshine  hit  the ground, pride weekend just started, everyone looks pretty hot  and  I decided to post a lot of updates concerning the project but also about what I ve found walking by here around the block! Berlin never let me down, I love her!

I got so much inspired in the last month: from one side the girls whom took part  to my workshop gave me so much strenght and will to carry on with the project ” I can grow wings”, from the other hand I ran into an amazing theatre project dedicated from women to women, realized by the feminist collective Madalena about consense.

It calls “No means No” and it is touching every single point concerned the reasons behind the terrible momement in which women are discovering that their “NO” is completly meaningless. Simple, direct and so much powerful, the play took place at  Kuringa in Berlin and this piece is part of a bigger project called “Theatre of the Oppressed” , an aesthetic method committed to the transformation of reality, created by the Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal.  You can find some pictures from the play in the section Diary and also on our Instagram.

Last but not least , you can find there suggestions about books to bring to the lake, to the beach or wherever you feel like to chill in the summertime.

I wish you all to have quality time and great holidays. Love you!! Silvia


Midsummer dreams with us!

My beloved all! I am waiting all of those who are living in Berlin on the 26th of June to be part of our workshop at KulturLabor e.V in Neukölln to create an amazing fanzine with all of your fairytales. 

Looking for more infos? CLICK HERE!! 


In this important day I want to remember to myself the strong woman  I am. Today I want to remember to myself also about all the people whom I met in my life and  made not easy to me understand the values and the strenght  hidden behind the word WOMAN.

But today, the 8th of March 2017,  in the International Women Rights Day, is definetly better to share  my today joy with all of them who helped me to become  the “beautiful badass” who is writing this text right now. With 34 years old I am sure like never before who I am and what I want to do in my life. Starting from today to remark the will to develope this project called “I can grow wings” .

Together with my colleague Giulia Bonora, we started to approach radically but in a very peculiar way the tale of abuses and sexual violence. As result we will soon publish a DIY fairytale book.

Me , I am aimed to develope art teraphy workshops to listen and work with abuse survivors,because this is what I love to do. Not much words needed but facts.

I will keep you updated people. Meanwhile we decided to make you a gift.



8th of March first fairy tale as E-Book around the world….

We decided last minute, yes! But we are like this:coreaceous. Probably it is within our latin blood. Ihihi! Anyway we decided to publish our first novel(the  doggerel THE HEART) as E- Book on the 8 of March, because after months of hard working, decisions making and yes.. stress .. a lot of stress (ehehe) we decided to show you some of the work will be published on paper. A preview on the 8th of March especially because this year Womens Day will means something huge all over the places. In Italy more then 40 marches in the principal italian cities are foreseen. The clima will be hot. Women want to be really loud at this round. The history repeats itself someone would sang.

We want to underline our presence in this imprtant day. We began and we will realized lot more. Click here to take a look on our ACHIEVEMENTS since August!!

Goodnight beautiful souls. Talk soon!


tavola 1 senza testo originale

Oh my God the book is ready!

The book is ready in its paperback edition. It has been printed in two different fashions: one with glossy cover as a fanzine and the other  with  a soft clad cover. Check how beautiful it is in every detail. Click here on — BOOK!!

 Thanks to Alessia Nanni for the graphics and the fonts. Now available in Italian and from the end of January also in German and English.


“Le ali me le costruisco da sola” , colours  digital printed pag. 63 , size 18 cm x 25 cm, 2016